Joe Flacco Vs. Colin Kaepernick – A Twitter Battle

All Pro Team Sports is based in Baltimore, Md, so we’re clearly rooting for Joe Flacco and the Ravens to pull out a victory against the 49ers this Sunday.  In the spirit of the Super Bowl, we decided to look at the Twitter battle between Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick to see if there’s anything to be learned about the game by looking at their Twitter profiles.  Obviously, this is just for fun, but it looks like bad news for Flacco.  While neither quarterback is at an Ashton Kutcher level on Twitter, you can clearly see Kaepernick has more than doubled Flacco’s follower count.  Also, based on what each of these quarterbacks is tweeting, they’re both “gamers” and it appears Kaepernick is more focused on football, while Flacco likes to tweet about… coffee?  Hopefully that’s not an indication of success in the Super Bowl:

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Posted On: 31 Jan 13

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